Silvercore "Phono Two"

The phono two is a world class phono tube preamp with passive LCR RIAA. It is already equipped with Silvercore MC-Pro transformers and internally also on pure MM mode switchable.


Silvcore phono two has implemented the theory of the shortest possible signal path. Already on the first 5 centimeters, the delicate phono signal reaches the line level. The LCR-RIAA, is on the royal way of equalization options for vinyl, in combination with extraordinary tubes and very best Silvercoe transformers for a sound that is one of the best.

The capacitors in the signal path are reduced to a minimum. Here Silvercore uses exclusively NOS silver mica and specially made in Germany zinc foil MKP. My LCR-RIAA is built with extra large coils to facilitate the work the tubes. If the coils are wound in silver alloy or pure silver, considerable amounts of precious metals come together.

Custom Made

The phono two produced by hand in Leipzig. As with other devices, you can finalize the look, features, and tube choices to get exactly "your" phono two.

Upgrade Service

If you are in the possession of a Silvercore Phono-MC-Transformer,  Silvercore will credit the full purchase price in exchange of the purchse of a phono two.


  • tubes used E280F/D3A and ECC88/ECC188 (can be choosen by the customer)
  • phono stage with external power source
  • input MC Transmitter input for all MC pickups with a level from 150 μV to 750 μV
  • input MM individually adaptable to the MM system with 2.5 to 10mV
  • output resistance 150 ohms nominal, adjusted to 600 ohms
  • gain 65dB depending on the tube configuration
  • signal to noise ratio 67dB
  • power consumption 230V / 0,4A corresponds to about 60W
  • external mains transformer with 6-pole supply line
  • dimensions phono two (w x d x h) 460 x 370 x 120 mm
  • dimensions external power source (w x d x h) 140 x 250 x 120 mm
  • weight about 15kg depending on the version