WaveLabAudio sells a pre- and power-amplifier as a kit in different high end degree depending on the components ordered.

The pre-amplifier uses 2A3 (about 3 Watts) or 45 (about 1.5 Watts) switchable tubes and has one rectifier. The power of the amplifier is fully suffcient when driving the WaveLabAudio A7 loudspeaker, since the driver used have a very high sensitivity.

The power amplifier includes:

  • custom specific wood case
  • 2A3 or 45 tubes (switable is available as option)
  • REN 904 driver tubes
  • one cinch input (XLR is available as option)
  • WBT ag output connectors
  • tube emission gauge (mA are measured)
  • one rectifier
  • one volume rotary knobs
  • 220V/230V/240V 50Hz
  • dimensions amplifier with tubes (w x d x h) about 540 x 500 x 270 mm
  • weight about 20kg

Pictures of the power amplifier: